Id Owner username Owner fullname Body Build date Vin Color code Color name About Image Url City State Country
1 McSwine   Sedan 08/01/1966 117000225 L282 Lotus White       AR USA
2 Mbillions Slammed6   Sedan 08/01/1966 117000623   Unknown I just got my first 67. Vin 117000623
Narrowed front adjustable beam, disks up front, new floors, new drums out back,
Original interior (at least what's left)
Running driving
Starting with new brake master, steel lines, lower driver door hinge patch panel, new axel seal on right rear, no clue why my photos won't load. Oh well.
    TN WA
266 Bugjuice82   Sedan 01/01/1967 117458944 L456 Ruby Red   MI USA
14 Mielke   Sedan 08/01/1966 117019764 L518 Java Green Hello everyone! Picked up my 1st 67 last weekend from the original owner. Towed it behind his motorhome for 30+ years (as you can see from the super sketchy tow bar!) Java Green, mostly original paint. Wrong high back seats and a couple other small items. Not sure if the engine is original, haven’t cleaned the mouse and squirrel nests out yet. This weekend, if it isn’t too cold.... Have some large dents to deal with, but there is very minimal body rust.   Alberta CAN
29 67rustaveneger   Sedan 08/01/1966 117042621 L639 Zenith Blue Hey all. It's about time that I post one of my 67's.
I give you VIN# 117042621
It was advertised in the samba classifieds and while some of you may have contacted the p.o. regarding things that you noticed in the pictures.
I snapped it up.
I am the proud 2nd owner of this fine example of a lightly modded 67 Beetle.
The car had been if the same family since purchased new in Aug 1966. Came with service records from the time of purchase to after the third engine. Where it went into storage. From there it was deeded to the original owners son. Who decided that he wanted to mod it a bit. Many thanks to you JP Decker. You did a great job making this a fun car.
Everything done to the car can be reversed.
It has a 1688 dual 34 solex carb dp engine with a mild cam. All German parts were used where available. Otherwise very high quality after market replacements.
Quite drivable and loads of fun.
Everything mechanically has been gone through from front to back.
All electrical issues have been solved and are in perfect working condition.
Gotta love the photo of the title showing the original list / purchase price of the car.
As the classified add stated "Is it perfect? No. Is it nice? YES."   OR USA
292 311tls   Sedan 01/01/1967 117503321 L282 Lotus White       Sheffield UK
318 pj.olsson   Sedan 02/01/1967 117567248 L633 VW Blue   Unknown Germany
321 Mcgeerv   Sedan 03/14/1967 117595959 L456 Ruby Red       GA USA
327 91talon   Sedan 03/01/1967 117599768   White   MO USA
75 Sqrbckguy38   Sedan 08/01/1966 117143507 L282 Lotus White   UT USA
339 VeeDub13   Sedan 04/01/1967 117638600 L595 Fontana Grey Name: veedub13
Chassis: 117638600
Model: 1300 RHD Singapore version
Colour: L595 Fontana Grey   Unkown Unkown
110 Warren   Sunroof 10/01/1966 117224870 L633 VW Blue       CA USA
156 RyanKrieger   Sedan 11/10/1966 117303470 L620 Savannah Beige Just received my birth certificate on my 67 and found out I've been wrong about my car being built in Oct of 66. Turns out it was built November 10, 1966 and left the factory on the 18th of Nov.

My 67, all stock, original engine/matching numbers, built Oct 66 and sold out of Santa Monica. Always been a CA car, still has all the paperwork.

I've had it for about 15 years and have been slowly replacing some non-original parts with originals. Recently tracked down NOS Beige running board mats in Germany, beige fender bead, stock oil shocks and I'll be replacing the Brasilian fuel pump with an OG Pierburg next week.

117 303 470   CA USA
166 67_dubT1   Sedan 11/01/1966 117325536 L518 Java Green   CA USA
432 pjalav   Sedan 07/01/1967 117841023 L620 Savannah Beige
  Unknown Uknown
433 Jbrstar   Sedan 07/01/1967 117844652   Primer Grey   TX USA
436 DKK   Other 09/01/1966 117144828 L620 Savannah Beige I'm the 2nd owner. I've owned it since Aug. '78.
About 60% original paint.
    California United States of America
444 Davidbeach67   Sedan 01/00/1967 117497241   Ruby Red   Wa USA
445 Jwok   Sedan 04/15/1967 117689729 L620 Savannah Beige       NY USA
446 Alan Brase   Sunroof 08/00/1966 117003220   Ruby Red THE PAN IS MISSING AN STOLEN.     IA USA
454 TheRide   Sedan 12/10/2019 117234370 L620 Savannah Beige Currently Ruby Red.
Current engine (possibly original) H0 457170

149k miles
Original headliner
Original glass (except windshield)

A few rust holes under the battery and a hole the size of a nickel beside the left rear bottom fender bolt hole (the one closest to the running board. No rust otherwise. One fender bender in the 70s when my aunt was daily driving it, front left fender is Brazil.
    NC USA
456 Jerseykid1 Christopher Sedan 08/12/1966 117078248 L620 Savannah Beige -1967 Savanah Beige Volkswagen Beetle in unrestored condition.
-Exterior paint is original except for right front fender replaced in first year of original ownership.
-Manufactured 12 August 1966.
-Original dealer purchase order invoice from Avalon Volkswagen Auto Sales in Seattle written up as a 1967 model.
-Repair receipts documenting over 125 service events and 50+ year history with the original Washington owner from day one.
-Confirmed by Wolfsburg to be a matching numbers example: 117078248, H0242775.
    Wa USA
202 Nimbus   Sedan 11/01/1966 117374615 L633 VW Blue nimbus
was:L620 (Savanna beige)
now:L633 (VW Blue)   FL USA
460 Air_Cool_Nut Ken Sedan 01/19/1967 117463773 L456 Ruby Red 88/ Black Leatherette     NJ USA
462 Mediczero   Sedan 12/00/1966 117435219   blue       WA USA
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