Id Owner username Owner fullname Body Build date Vin Color code Color name About Image Url City State Country
1 McSwine   Sedan 08/01/1966 117000225 L282 Lotus White       AR USA
2 Mbillions Slammed6   Sedan 08/01/1966 117000623   Unknown I just got my first 67. Vin 117000623
Narrowed front adjustable beam, disks up front, new floors, new drums out back,
Original interior (at least what's left)
Running driving
Starting with new brake master, steel lines, lower driver door hinge patch panel, new axel seal on right rear, no clue why my photos won't load. Oh well.
    TN WA
3 Stocksnm   Sedan 08/01/1966 117002926   Yellow          
4 ottvw   Sedan 08/01/1966 117005366 L456 Ruby Red          
5 Dbelkhart   Sedan 08/01/1966 117007559   Reese's Pieces orange          
6 Thomas Pedigo   Sedan 08/01/1966 117008111 L633 VW Blue          
7 My67vdub   Sedan 08/01/1966 117009673 L390 Gulf Blue          
8 ento   Sedan 08/01/1966 117010112 L633 VW Blue          
9 Meltkamp   Sedan 08/01/1966 117013665   High Tide Blue          
10 pixledref   Deluxe Sedan 08/01/1966 117013987 L639 Zenith Blue          
11 rkade93 Sedan 08/01/1966 117015994 L633 VW Blue
12 Albinogek   Sedan 08/01/1966 117018300   Ferrari Red          
13 Roaster   Sedan 08/01/1966 117019400 L620 Savannah Beige          
14 Mielke   Sedan 08/01/1966 117019764 L518 Java Green Hello everyone! Picked up my 1st 67 last weekend from the original owner. Towed it behind his motorhome for 30+ years (as you can see from the super sketchy tow bar!) Java Green, mostly original paint. Wrong high back seats and a couple other small items. Not sure if the engine is original, haven’t cleaned the mouse and squirrel nests out yet. This weekend, if it isn’t too cold.... Have some large dents to deal with, but there is very minimal body rust.   Alberta CAN
15 Roostar   Sedan 08/01/1966 117021648 L639 Zenith Blue          
16 Variant65   Sunroof 08/01/1966 117021724 L639 Zenith Blue          
17 Krlang   Sedan 08/01/1966 117022528   HD Turquiose          
18 Varnish   Sedan 08/01/1966 117023983 L639 Zenith Blue          
19 MasterMaker   Sedan 08/01/1966 117025974 L282 Lotus White          
20 Lotus67   Sedan 08/01/1966 117028261 L282 Lotus White          
21 Jeremy Whitlock   Sedan 08/01/1966 117029413 L282 Lotus White          
22 Cyrianne   Sunroof 08/01/1966 117031708   Black/Red          
23 Swrobel   Sedan 08/01/1966 117037174   Light Gray          
24 Whatevrbtsyourflt   Sedan 08/01/1966 117038041   N/A          
25 Nathan Miller   Sedan 08/01/1966 117039538 L633 VW Blue          
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